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Women’s Programs

As The Kenya Project has grown and naturally extended our reach into the community around us through our students, we began to see a need to care for women. Whether single, married or widowed, there were ways the women in our area could be used as instruments to love on the children in our classrooms and homes. For the women who live on our campus as house moms, we are committed to taking care of their nutritional, medical and household needs.

We offer regular enrichment programs and pastor conferences to educate women on fundamental topics for spiritual growth, to empower them to show Gospel love in their own homes and communities. We also have ways women can be involved in the life of our children who board on campus.

Upendo Children’s Homes

We began the children’s homes with the vision that “family-less” children could be shown love and given a family while women from our community would serve as house “moms” for the children.

Children who live onsite at The Kenya Project’s facilities are given a chance at a life and family. Upendo meaning “love” in Swahili is our number one goal. It is one of our greatest joys to care for orphan children and provide them with stability and love, giving them responsibilities in the form of chores and a place in a family unit. We currently have 4 homes and have a vision to open 4 more in the next few years. Each home houses 20 children and 2 moms.