About the Kenya Project



When people ask how the Kenya Project got started…

We have to go back to the very beginning and talk about Mama Robi. Her original hope and vision for loving on the children in her community is why the Kenya Project has grown to the size and scale it has today. Since her original group of students and vision to teach and show Christ’s love to a small group of local children, the Kenya Project has partnered with Utunzi, our Kenyan Operating partner, and we have built facilities, grown a staff and extended the reach of our programs ten-fold.

Now under the leadership of Gideon Robi, Mama Robi’s son, we have a path forward into the future to continue building out programs like the trade school and other business community outreaches that allow us to impact the lives of Kenyan children, women and families for generations to come.


More About Kenya Project…


Read about our very beginnings under the leadership of Mama Robi. Her original vision set a foundation for the Kenya Project to become what it is today.

Read a message from our Executive Director, Gideon Robi to hear straight from the heart of our leader about the way Kenya Project impacts lives everyday.


Our Vision

To provide opportunities for children of Kenya to know and experience the love of God through support to meet their health, educational and Spiritual needs.


Get a birds-eye view of our campus in this video taken by a drone!



Our Mission

The mission of The Kenya Project and its Kenyan Operating partner, Utunzi, is to provide opportunities for Christians to be in ministry to children of Kenya by providing resources and facilities for their health, education, and spiritual development through:

  • Student sponsorships for private and public education

  • Health and welfare grants

  • Opportunities for Christian mission work in Kenya

  • Providing homes for orphans in Kenya


Our Administrative Staff

L to R James Karanja, Vincent Okechi, Douglas Wamalwa, Joseph Wasike, Elizabeth Kangethe, and Purity Muigai

L to R James Karanja, Vincent Okechi, Douglas Wamalwa, Joseph Wasike, Elizabeth Kangethe, and Purity Muigai

Elizabeth Kang’ethe - In charge lower primary section. 5 years Mountain Park Academy passionate about establishing a strong basic foundation for the young children and helping them grow and develop in all aspects of life and most importantly to love God”

Douglas Wamalwa -  Head teacher primary section. 4 years in MPA passionate about bringing academic improvement to our students.

James Karanja -  Principal MPA. 6 years in MPA passion is to make MPA a character building centre.

Joseph Wasike Nyongesa:  Deputy Head Teacher primary section 5 years in MPA passionate about promoting literacy skills and nurturing young, talented pupils spiritually and morally to become future leaders.

Purity Muigai - Deputy in Charge Lower primary. 1.5 years in MPA passionate about instilling knowledge and skills to young children and teaching them the ways of God.

Vincent Okechi -  Deputy Principal, 10 months at MPA passionate about promoting positive behavior amongst our students.


townhomes 2.png

Our Facilities

All of Kenya Project’s programs operate on-campus at Mountain Park Academy.

  • 4 houses for children

  • 1 cafeteria

  • 10 classrooms

  • 1 sanctuary / auditorium

  • 16 bathrooms

  • 1 faculty house

  • 3 faculty meeting rooms

  • 1 trade school


Partner Organizations & Volunteer Groups


We are proud to be partners with several amazing churches and organizations that support our ongoing efforts to love on the children of Kenya. These organizations send supplies when needed and ongoing financial contributions. We are always excited when we have volunteer groups join us for a week (or more!) at a time to do maintenance and new building projects on campus. If you are interested in coordinating a trip, contact us!