Ready to DONATE to the Kenya Project?

We hope you share our vision for the children of Kenya. Through our various programs to enrich the spiritual, physical, emotional and intellectual lives of these children, we hope to show the love of Christ to as many Kenyans as we can. We appreciate any way you can give to our mission!

There are many ways to give, and they are located throughout our site. If you’re ready to give today and are not sure which program of The Kenya Project to give to, then click below to donate to our general fund OR contact us to learn more about ways you can support.




General Sponsorship Fund

The Kenya Project partners with Utunzi, the Kenyan nonprofit comprised of Isabella, Jeremiah and other family members and community members who operate Mountain Park Academy named after Mountain Park United Methodist Church who sent initial missioners to Kenya in 2000. The Sponsorship program continues to grow as does the need for sponsors to support children in the community.

Here’s how it works…

This general sponsorship fund goes to school supplies, classroom setup and the yearly needs of Mountain Park Academy. Our goal is always to expand the number of students’ lives we can impact through education, so we use every penny of the general sponsorship fund to support new learning opportunities, teacher needs and classroom supplies.

Student Sponsorship Program

Sponsors truly make a difference in the life of their children and their families. Only $25 a month allows a child to attend school receiving 2 meals per day, and provides funding for school uniforms, school supplies, books and medical care. The Kenya Project in partnership with Mountain Park Academy helps oversee the education and care of over 800 children.

Here’s how it works…

In this program, individual students can be sponsored so that all of their meals, uniforms and school supplies needs are met. When you sponsor a student, you are committing to paying for their monthly expenses so that they can continue to attend Mountain Park Academy without the financial burden placed on their family. This is a huge blessing and gift you can give to a student either on a month-to-month payment plan OR as an annual gift.

Orphan Sponsorship Program

Orphans living in the Children’s Homes are also in need of sponsors. Sponsorships of $100 a month allow an orphan to live in one of the Upendo Children’s Homes with house parents and all that family living provides - food, their own bed, and a place to grow and learn. This also allows the child to attend school receiving 3 meals per day, and provides funding for school uniforms, school supplies, books and medical care.

Here’s how it works…

All sponsors receive a welcome packet that introduces their child via a short biography, a photo and a letter or drawing from the child. Sponsors are encouraged to communicate with their child through The Kenya Project. Each year sponsors receive an additional bio, photo and letter from their child. The Kenya Project requests a minimum one year commitment for all sponsorships.

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Christmas Campaign kicked off on November 1st. We will be accepting Christmas donations all the way up until Christmas day!

All Other Programs

As you’ve read about our various programs, there may be a specific donation that you’d like to give. Use the list below to decide which program you would like to contribute to change a life. If you have any questions about how donating works or where your donation will go, please do not hesitate to contact us.