Sponsorship is the foundation of The Kenya project. Without the generous support of our sponsors, many of the children would not be able to attend school. Through the years, we have seen how an education has improved the lives of these children and given them a hope for a better future. We now have had 5 students who have not only completed their education at MPA, but have completed college or a trade school after secondary school. We currently have 17 students in college or trade school. Beyond education, however, sponsorship provides two meals a day for these students who may not have a meal otherwise. Over the last 9 years, I have witnessed the growth and development of the students at MPA and how they are thriving as a result of our sponsors.
— Rachel Tarr | Sponsorship Chairman for the Kenya Project

I knew from the first day at Mountain Park Academy that this is where God wanted me to do His work. I see Jesus in the face of every child and their joy humbles me.
— Tami Porter | Operator with Chick-Fil-A | Charlotte, NC

After serving on the medical team for the last sixteen years, I have been blessed to see the improvement in the children’s health care. This has been through the providers yearly physical and mental health care examination by assessing, diagnosing, and treating episodic or ongoing health care needs. Treatment was provided by the team or by seeking available local health care providers. The team also teaches yearly dental care, proper hygiene, and the need to drink water and wash hands frequently. The growth and development of the children is enhanced through the 2 meal a day feeding program. The food sustains most children who may or may not have food when they go home at night or on the weekend. The feeding program also maintained the children’s height and weight through a progressive drought last year.
— Dr. Ann Kennedy FNP-BC | Secretary for the Kenya Project |

God is at work thru The Kenya Project and Mountain Park Academy. From such humble beginnings and a woman’s call to service, God has provided school, water, medical services, children’s homes, a dining hall, a feeding program, dormitories and now a trade school. And then, there is the opportunity to go, serve and develop personal relationships with these amazing students. Thanks be to God for He is Able!
— Lynn Chastain | Chick-Fil-A Corporate | Atlanta, GA

I am truly inspired by the women of Mountain Park Academy and the surrounding village. The love we all share for the Lord makes it a pleasure for me to bring the Word of God to them at the womans day. We are all united as sisters in Christ, and desire to include Him as the center of life at Mountain Park Academy.
— Kim Sauer | Elder at Threshold Church | Charlotte, NC

Supporting and helping Mountain Park Academy and its students grow and flourish has been has been a calling of ordinary people. God has used these ordinary people to create extraordinary results. He has multiplied the investment of time, talent and treasure of many to transform a little community in Kenya. While the work of The Kenya Project provided the opportunity for Mountain Park Academy to grow, it was God who provided the increase in astounding and amazing ways. My own faith has grown as I have been a witness to God’a grace and goodness in this work.
— Dee Ann Turner | Former Chick-Fil-A VP & Business Owner | Charlotte, NC

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